Wine packaging: the importance of a personalised stopper


Behind a great bottle, there is always a great stopper. Packaging as a means of communication in the world of wine

Packaging in the world of wine, and, in general, in the beverage sector is becoming increasingly important and promotes the purchase of the products. Personalised stoppers, super-coloured labels and bottles with the most disparate shapes: everything must now make it possible to give a real experience to consumers. And so, the attention slowly moves from the pure product to the elements around it.

When the packaging talks about the product

The packaging is an important storyteller of the history of the product, in all sectors, and in particularly in the wine sector. The end consumer, although looking for logical factors leading him to make a purchase, is in reality conditioned by irrational factors. Among which are precisely the type of packaging and the intrinsic sensations it transmits.

Wine stopper

There are different types of stoppers for packaging wine, of different shapes and sizes, among which the best known are those with screws, the most classic in cork or plastic stopper and crown caps with or without bidule. In addition to the type of stopper that we decide to adopt, which also and above all depends on the technical characteristics of the liquid that we wish to bottle, what is important for the design of a packaging is personalisation.

A personalised cap, possibly with the company logo, the brand name or colours that convey the values of the company, allows it to be immediately recognisable to consumers.
This is why this detail should never be underestimated.

Very often, the regular wine store customer is a niche consumer, who must be won over with a particular advantage. This must obviously be intrinsic to the characteristics of the product, but also visible on the outside.

Tappi a corona personalizzati

A concrete example: pink drinks

Think for example of pink drink, a very widespread trend in the world of drinks in 2019. Among the most frequent consumers of rosy wines, spirits and beers with the characteristic pink color, we find women who feel more related to this type of drink because motivated by the link with this color and attracted by the concept of “different” and “innovative” drink.

And so, in this case, the packaging must be able to clearly indicate the type of content of the bottle, in order to convince the customer to proceed to an impulse purchase. The stopper could therefore be pink, personalised with the company logo, the bottle could remain classic, but you could play with the label by using fonts and colours that recall the type of customer for whom the product is intended.

So, it’s not just a stopper, a label, and a bottle: the world of wine packaging is constantly evolving and the market itself is becoming more and more competitive. For this reason, it has become essential to seize all possible tools to communicate and conquer the targeted niches of consumers.

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