We consider ourselves not as suppliers but as value partners.

We propose solutions and provide the technical support needed to optimise the use of high-quality products and to allow those who have put their trust in us to preserve the excellence of their products, to enhance them and to export them throughout the world.

for our work has always characterised our story, representing a pillar on which the company’s entire corporate life has been founded from 1982 until today.

that has supported our work throughout the years to become an indispensable part of our company: our trademark.

not only as compliance to standards but as a driver for continuous improvement and recognition that we are “Best In Class” in what we do.

is what transforms a technical cap into a high-quality product through which unique and exceptional beverages can be preserved, making them distinctive for both producer and buyer.

to realise ambitious projects thanks to motivated and capable individuals.

to make the smaller aspects unique whilst being attentive to the bigger ones.

shown through our ability to offer rapid solutions and personalised services.

for delivering success through the preformance of our products and reward those who have placed their trust in our hands.