We are a company strongly oriented towards the market and to our customers.
We are driven to provide excellent quality products and increasingly competitive services to satisfy the needs
and desires of an established and ambitious market segment.
Quality first is key and it succesfully inspires  for us and successfully inspires our work throughout our operations.
Our customers guide us in our business choices and Quality is the way in which their
needs are met within our production system.

Our products are manufactured using processes integrated within a Quality, Environmental and Food Safety Management System compliant with the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and FSSC 22000 standards.
These systems are certified by BUREAU VERITAS, for PE.DI and PEDIFRANCE.
We use high-quality metals and innovative liners which can be transformed into a range of products able to respond to each and every request. The materials are purchased from qualified and certified suppliers, and they comply in accordance with the appropriate international regulatory framework that governs closures for food and beverages.

PE.DI and PEDIFRANCE products comply with the current international law provisions regulating the manufacture of products to be used in the food and beverages packaging industry, or more precisely:

• Regulation EC 1935/2004
• Regulation EC 1895/2005/
• Regulation EU 10/2011/EC and subsequent modification and integrations
• FDA Methods 177.1210
• Mercosur Resolution /GMC/RES N° 32/07

Crown caps and bidules intended for use in the Champagne market have been evaluated and considered suitable by the CECA “Cellule d’Evaluation de l’aptitude au contact alimentaire des fournitures de conditionnement et de bouchage destinée au Champagne”.

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We strive to enhance, as much as possible, the rights of our employees and the community in which we
work: it is for this reason that we have obtained
SMETA 4 Pillar LABOUR Standards, Health & safety, Environment, Business practice certification.
We are registered on the SEDEX portal www.sedexglobal.com