We like to tell people who we are and what we do in the countries where we sell our products.

This desire is not only strictly linked to market consolidation but also to our genuine wish to introduce and explain our products:
we do not just supply caps, we provide our customers with a way of preserving their excellence.

We allow expert winemakers to modulate their wines according to the vintage and the type of wine they are seeking to achieve.

We are determined in our goal to achieve excellence, proposing a range of liners able to calibrate oxygen entry during bottling ageing.

Our PEDISTRIP® makes a significant aesthetic impact
 adding value to the uniqueness of the bottle’s content.

In Russia we are leaders in the sector of vodka bottled in
100 ml disposable single-serve containers ,
which portray an image of the former Soviet Union’s history and culture.

Those who choose our products will have more than 40 years of experience at their service.