Corporate identity determines the perception and reputation of a brand which influences its popularity and success. The image you choose to convey creates an emotional and direct connection with the consumer and becomes an important element through which the brand’s identity makes itself known and recognised within the main market.

Careful choice of the details with which personalise your products may prove itself to be the smartest decision in order to establish your company on the market. In a world saturated with advertising, exclusivity is the best way to offer unique products.

PE.DI crown caps are conceived not only for fermentation but also to preserve  “precious contents” such as craft beers, sparkling wines, flavoured wines, spring water and juices.
It is particularly important for craft drinks makers to convey their expertise and known-how, especially and above-all through packaging.

PE.DI, with two offset printing lines and an ink formulation laboratory equipped with dedicated software, is able to satisfy an almost unlimited number of customisations  and to assist its customers in the study, development and personalisation of crown caps and PEDISTRIP®.
For competitions with prizes and promotions, special transparent liners can be used  for internal offset prints.

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Tell us about your ideas: we will transform them into projects, breathing life into “a crown with your signature to enhance your product in an original way!”