The closure that speaks volumes about your brand

Cutting-edge closure that combines elegance, convenience and safety.
Featuring a pull-tab, PEDISTRIP® is a unique tamper-evident proof seal. The simple and square shapes enhance the aesthetics of the packaging. Infinite customisation options thanks to offset printing.

PEDISTRIP® is particularly suited for single-serve containers or bottles of spirits, liquors, wine, juices and other still beverages. Conceived for the hotel, restaurant and catering sector (Ho.Re.Ca) and the on-trade market, PEDISTRIP® is also suited for single-dose usage in the pharmaceutical,
food, cosmetics and beauty markets.

In addition to caps supplying, PE.DI offers its customers:

  • technical support for the development of new packaging projects;
  • technical assistance and training during the construction of capping lines;
  • supply of semi-automatic equipment for pilot testing;
  • periodic monitoring of capping lines.

PE.DI suppliers are qualified and certified according to international rules and regulations for the packaging for food and beverages.


Special aluminium alloy, resistant to oxidation, excellent support for lithographic decorations, pre-marked rib and tear line of reduced strength to guarantee easy opening.


PVC-free virgin polyethylene foam disc, in compliance with the current international health and safety standards. Range of liners available to suit all products.

Tear-off strip

Non-woven fabric with waterproof plastic matrix. It does not deteriorate when it comes into contact with liquids.


38 ø is an ideal alternative to traditional screw-caps for the packaging of still waters and wines.

62 mm ø doesn’t need for an additional label on the single-serve containers, thanks to its large printable surface.

Applied by special capping heads, engineered and supplied by PE.DI, that fit on standard capping machines (both manual and fully automatic).
It requires vertical load only and 120 Kg. pressure.
The customised PEDISTRIP® neck-finish required for application is in use at all major glass manufactures.
It is easy to remove without the use of tools.
Once removed the cap cannot be used again.

The PEDISTRIP® closure is a tamper-proof seal. To remove it, it is necessary to break the rib along the tear line of reduced strength. The opening process is assisted by a tear-off strip to ensure a good grip between the fingers.

The correct way to remove the PEDISTRIP® closure is shown below:

firmly hold the container, putting the thumb over the cap

take the strip between the thumb and forefinger and pull in the opposite direction to the strip

tear off the strip around 1/3 of the diameter
at this point the cap can be removed by lifting it from the mouth of the glass container

do not try to open the glass container without firmly holding it with the thumb over the cap. The liquid could spill out of the glass container.