Pre and post-sales services

“Every company’s greatest assets are its customers,
because without customers there is no companies”.

Michael LeBoeuf

PE.DI is not just a supplier to its customers  but a reliable partner.
Our goal is not tied to pure business but to satisfying the needs and requirements of our customers.
Over time we have created relationships capable of improving the quality of our products and consolidating trust in a family company
with a strong international vocation.
Choosing PE.DI does not simply involve buying products  with specific technical characteristics,
it gives you an entrance pass to a world that provides its members with:

to guarantee the best solutions.

to transform ideas into products and requirements into practical solutions.

to allow for pressure, mechanical resistance and closure tests and to check the suitability of the caps with the bottles in use. All PE.DI caps are manufactured in compliance with CE.T.I.E. (Centre Technique International de l’Embouteillage et du Conditionnement).

which can be used, free of charge, by those who have purchased special 36mm closures for 3-litre bottles.

We always strive to guarantee:

a flexible service characterised by efficiency, which is not only synonymous with speed delivery, but also, and above all, with the quality of what is offered;

a unique and special relationship with our customers as we understand that they, and not our competitors, can exclude us from the market. We like listening to and understanding customers’ needs before supplying a product. We believe it is uniqueness, and not just the best price, that ties a company to its customers;

expert pre and post-sale customer support.

For PE.DI the concept of quality goes beyond the traditional definition of the term and becomes synonymous with both satisfying needs and exceeding expectations through continuous improvement.