Effervescence Predictor is live! The new PE.DI app that reveals the precise content of CO2 in your Traditional Method wine

In collaboration with Gérard LIGER-BELAIR, physicist of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Effervescence Predictor arrives for iOS and Android

Crown Caps have a key role in the ageing of wines ‘on yeast’ because they can be more or less permeable to gaseous exchanges, among which the crucial CO2 loss. The CO2 is the reason for the pressure inside the bottle, but it is released very gradually through the cap’s liner.

The loss of CO2 tends to increase over time, and regulating its variation is one of the key tasks of the winemaker. However, the flow is very difficult to predict. For this reason, we decided to engage the master of the Champagne bubbles, the physicist Gérard LIGER-BELAIR, to decipher the long-standing issue of the CO2 content in the wine.

Effervescence Predictor: the tool for every professional winemaker

Our ambition was to convert this complex issue into a very simple and easily accessible solution.

From here the idea of Effervescence Predictor: a mobile app available for iOS and Android, based on Gérard LIGER-BELAIR’s formulas.

How Effervescence Predictor works

The application is very straight forward with an easy to use interface.

After downloading the app, users are required to fill in the following data:

  • Sugar quantity at the moment of tirage and bottle size, mandatory to determine the CO2 initial amount;
  • The size of the bottleneck finish and the permeability of the cap’s liner, which affects the kinetics of the CO2 loss;
  • Numbers of years chosen for the ageing ‘on yeast’.

Effervescence Predictor immediately calculates the remaining CO2 pressure at cellar temperature and at 20°C.

One more thing: extra feature of PE.DI app

Next to calculating the remaining CO2 pressure, Effervescence Predictor encompasses an extra interesting feature, an estimation of the effervescence duration:

  • in relation to the parameters of the AOP denomination, that is the number of years after which the wine cannot receive the AOP denomination anymore;
  • effervescence’s lifetime, that is the total number of years after which the wine will not be able to “fizz” anymore.

A complete application for everyone who works in the industry of Traditional Method wines.

Do you want to test the potentiality of the Effervescence Predictor? Download it for free right now.