Collaboration with the Marketing Institute of the Moscow State University of Management.

In cooperation with the Rector of the  UniversityPE.DI organised a marketing competition addressed to the students of the Institute for the creation of a new “concept” for PEDISTRIP® 2019.
Based on the work presented to judges, composed of PE.DI representatives and members of the university, among the 10 participating students 3 were awarded a cash prize and the winner had the chance to come to PE.DI in Italy for a study/training stay.
The student who completed the training course at our office is Olesya Vereskova, who designed the 2019 promotional campaign and the exhibition layout at PRODEXPO 2019.

PEDISTRIP® closures at the Museum of Russian Vodka in Moscow.

Within the Russian Vodka Museum in Moscow, a special PE.DI corner was created to promote our innovative packaging and emphasise its partnership with the historic Russian glass industry. A specially-made capping machine produced by PE.DI, together with PEDISTRIP® closures with the logo of the museum, were given to the Russian cultural entity, to allow visitors to take home the vodka they taste there.

The project was launched on the occasion of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, when visitors coming from all over the world were in Moscow.

Brochures about our products in Russian and in English were specially printed and distributed.