A new logo to tell our story

In 2017, PE.DI decided to unite past and future by choosing a new company logo
able to represent the company business in Italy and in the world. This new choice also marked a generational change within the company with the handover of operations from the Perone/Di Crescenzo couple to their children, Giulia Di Crescenzo who is the current CEO and Riccardo di Crescenzo, the Commercial Director.

Our payoff “From Passion to Innovation” highlights the two key elements around which the company’s history and future revolve:

  • passion for our work and therefore the importance of the human resources’ role in a highly technological sector;
  • innovation always the key-player and guide in overcoming new market challenges.

The colours of the logo have been selected to best represent the key elements of PE.DI:

  • RED for passion, action and positive energy
  • BLUE for the ambition to reach important goals
  • DARK BLUE for reliability and responsibility
  • GREY analyticity and balance, two essential elements to convey trust and confidence to customers.