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Five ideas for recycling crown cap

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Who says beer or wine crown caps should be thrown away after use? Here are some ideas for creative recycling

The crown caps are a cult item for all beer lovers (and even wine lovers). Often, we tend to keep them, because of their colours or their particular designs, and with the idea of making something creative out of them. One day, maybe… But that day often never arrives due to a lack of ideas.

For this reason, we have decided to share with you five original ideas for recycling wine or beer crown caps . Read on to find out more.

1. Original magnets

A good way to recycle the crown caps is turn them into fridge magnets or stick them on a magnetic board, which is maybe also handmade.

To produce your own magnetic crown caps , all you have to do is get magnets from any hobby store and let your imagination run wild. It is good to leave the original decoration of the crown cap, but if you wish, you can paint them yourself and create original pieces.

2. The paintings

If you are particularly creative, a unique way to recycle the crown caps is to create paintings to hang on the walls of your house.

Much more difficult than magnets, paintings allow you to create original compositions only using the original design of the crown caps.

A complex idea but of great effect.

3. Personalised push pins

If you like cork boards for displaying photos and messages, consider recycling your crown caps by creating custom pins.

Making them is very simple: just stick a flat head pushpin on the outside of the crown cap. On the other side, to avoid leaving it blank, you can put stickers on it or draw a subject of your choice to obtain a super colourful and personalised effect.

4. Wind Chimes

Are you aware of this sweet melody created by the wind blowing though pieces of metal? Well, with the crown caps, you can create wind chimes or rattles to hang outside your door.

Just make two holes per crown cap, then pass a nylon thread through them and you’re done!

5. A necklace

If you are passionate about original jewellery, you cannot miss this idea of creative recycling. The crown caps lend themselves well to creating pretty necklaces.

You just have to pierce the crown caps in two places: in the upper hole, pass a ring through it to hang it on the necklace, while in the lower hole, you can add some wires with pearls to get a completely personalised pendant. For an even more beautiful effect, you can decorate the white of the crown caps with paint or paste the image of your choice (perhaps even using the cutting technique).

Other ideas for recycling crown caps

If these five ideas for recycling crown caps are not enough for you, here are others:

  • use liquid resin to create jewellery, ornaments or to cover furniture;
  • use the cutting technique to create elegant earrings;
  • create personalised key chains (which will certainly be very appreciated).

And now we just have to wish you fun and have a good time recycling!

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